Partner, Third-Party and Vendor Onboarding Solutions

A well-defined, effective and comprehensive partner evaluation, selection, onboarding process is a necessary part of any third-party and vendor business strategy. CENTRL's Vendor360 is a flexible and comprehensive platform built for businesses of all sizes and industries for your new third-party initiation needs.

Inital Evaluation and Onboarding

CENTRL's Vendor360 allows you to:

  • Streamline pre-contract inherent risk analysis for new vendors, by sending surveys and questionnaires to internal teams for input and evaluation.
  • Manage inherent risk for each vendor at the engagement, product, and service levels.
  • Use inherent risk analysis to conduct detailed vendor due diligence, and assess appropriate vendor controls.
  • Aggregate all vendor documents, policies and information in Vendor360.
  • Manage your vendor information in a centralized tool. Leverage attributes like criticality and inherent risk levels to segment vendors into multiple risk tiers.
  • Get a comprehensive view of all vendor data in one place.
  • Manage risk through all phases of the vendor lifecycle.
  • Use industry standard templates, checklist and questionnaires included with the platform, or upload your own.
  • Track follow-up items, deliverables, and obligations from your initial new vendor evaluation and onboarding.
  • Set schedules for ongoing assessments and deliverables, after a vendor is approved and active.

Evaluate and assimilate new partners, vendors and third-parties with CENTRL's Vendor360 onboarding process: It's the better way.

Read more about Vendor360, or contact sales about CENTRL's vendor solutions.