Vendor Audit Solutions

Many companies are required to undertake vendor audits as part of a wider compliance program. These vendor audits are typically part of a company's internal controls framework, and take the form of periodic vendor assessment, third-party compliance with contract clauses, data center security assessments, and other compliance assessments.

Traditionally, Vendor Audits can be inefficient and burdensome - often due to the use of emails, Word documents, and spreadsheets, to conduct, complete and save audit evidence. The net result of these ad-hoc processes are; multiple file systems, formats, email exchanges, and attachments resulting in too much time spent on the process, and not enough time spent on assessment outcomes. CENTRL's Vendor360 provides a better way.

Vendor Audits

Benefits of CENTRL's Vendor360 include:

  • A single platform for companies to conduct all types of vendor audits.
  • Flexible workflow, with advanced internal and external collaboration capabilities.
  • The ability to send an assessment or a checklist to your vendors prior to the audit, so you have the prerequisite information in advance.
  • Remote assessments and onsite audits provide a common platform for all your vendor assessments and audits (there is no charge for your vendor's use of Vendor360).
  • Evaluate vendors on your key control areas, with clear indication nonconforming results.
  • Manage and remediate non-conforming and follow-up areas, by sharing and collaborating on the issues with your vendor.
  • Best-in-class dashboards and reporting to stay on top of your audit and evaluation activities, risk summaries, and issues tracking.

Using Vendor360's your organization can easily manage a multitude of templates, checklists and questionnaires while providing the control to monitor, evaluate and create audit reports allowing you to focus on the results instead of the process.

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