Private Equity and Limited Partner Due Diligence Solutions

Private Equity firms and their Limited Partners are often challenged with cumbersome due diligence processes that include exchanging emails, spreadsheets, and multiple documents. This manual process is inefficient, arduous and forces intelligent, highly educated and well-paid employees to spend their time on tedious, administrative activities.

  • For Limited Partner due diligence
  • Need fulfilled: An integrated platform for requesting, compiling, analyzing and reporting due diligence data.
  • Typically, Limited Partners conduct due diligence on Private Equity funds using standard industry templates or proprietary questionnaires. While many firms still use emails and file sharing due diligence systems, an ever-increasing number of firms are embracing the latest due diligence technologies which bring significant efficiency, control and standardization to their due diligence process.
  • CENTRL's Assess360, using the latest in due diligence technologies, combines an integrated file sharing, artificial intelligence-based analytical engine with reporting functions to vastly improve the efficiency, analysis and accuracy of a PE firm's diligence process. It is an easy-to-use, affordable, automated due diligence solution centralizing all due diligence data in one repository. It automates the creation, editing, publication, answering and evaluation of diligence data but remains flexible to suit your needs. Customizing Assess360 is easy, allowing you to use your own questionnaires and templates, or choose from any of its library of standardized questionnaires, checklists and templates (including the ILPA and AIMA questionnaires). The CENTRL software platform also gives you the power to grade responses, display audit trails and create a wealth of reports.
  • Private Equity Managers responding to due diligence
  • Need fulfilled: An integrated platform for publishing investor documents and automating response to due diligence questionnaires.
  • Private equity managers need to share fundraising documents with investors and respond to LP diligence questionnaires. They often find themselves working with fragmented tools such as VDRs or responding to Excel and Word questionnaires. These responses and sharing of documents can devolve into a laborious and error-prone process. The CENTRL platform eliminates this drudgery by automating a firm's due diligence process while giving the PE manager a complete suite of analytical, monitoring and reporting tools.
  • Today, PE managers use Publish360 to publish investment documents to their investors and automate their response to LP due diligence questionnaires. Publish360 is the only comprehensive platform providing a dynamic document sharing capability with self-publishing due diligence questionnaires while automating the process of responding to incoming assessments. This affordable, intuitive, due diligence solution manages the responses from any new or existing investor. By eliminating complicated Word and Excel-based due diligence processes, private equity due diligence customers benefit from significant time and cost savings.

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