CENTRL is creating mutually beneficial relationships for system integrators, complementary software companies and consultants, such as:

Partner Armanino
Partner Bakertilly
Partner Capgemini
Partner Isg
Partner Pip
Partner Eisneramper
Partner Exl
Partner Grant thornton
Partner Fis
Partner Privageo

Become a CENTRL Partner

We have 3 main ways to partner. Contact us if you’d like to discuss others.

Managed Service Providers

Benefit from our dedicated Consultant Edition designed to support your current multi-tenant service model.

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Brand it your own

Provide managed services on CENTRL's platform configured with your content and workflows

Build your own best practices and benchmarks to offer you clients


Resell CENTRL either stand-alone, pre-configured to your needs, or integrated with your product

Brand it your own

We provide sales and technical sales training

Product/Tech Partners

Benefit from our dedicated Consultant Edition, for your clients, associates and our enterprise grade security

Extend the reach of your domain

Scale your technology to a broader set of users

Dedicated sandbox available

CENTRL Product Partnerships

CENTRL provides guidance and industry content knowledge for our client’s privacy, risk management and due diligence programs along with the following tech partners and industry associations

Partner Bigid
Partner Aima
Partner Sfg
Partner Ilpa