Manage Response to Diligence

As the demand for diligence grows, companies are being buried by the avalanche of diligence requests from their partners. These requests come in the form of document requests or multiple questionnaires in either industry standard or proprietary formats. The old way of manually organizing Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, pdfs, and emails may work fine when you are dealing with one or two such requests but simply break down with multiple diligence requests.

CENTRL is a comprehensive platform that offers companies multiple capabilities for managing their response to diligence. CENTRL's Publish360 enables companies to automate their responses to incoming questionnaires, pro-actively publish pre-answered standard assessments and share diligence documents with partners. Together, these capabilities provide users with greater efficiency and control over their response process. It also reduces the chances of errors to critical diligence requests by providing standardized answers and a single version of key documents.

Managing responses to incoming questionnaires

Companies are inundated with multiple diligence questionnaires representing a mix of standard template and proprietary questions. Often the information being requested is the same but the detail and form may be different. Additionally, these questions have to be answered by different functional groups resulting in a complicated process of managing spreadsheets, documents and emails and taking up precious time throughout your organization.

CENTRL provides companies with the ability to upload incoming questionnaires, internally assign sections and questions to different functional groups, collaborate internally, collate the answers and publish them back to the partner. It automatically stores documents in a centralized file library thus ensuring there is only one version of each document. Users can quickly update their diligence information to the centralized library saving an enormous amount of time. CENTRL also provides users with the flexibility to publish the questionnaire in multiple formats to meet the requirements of their partners.

Proactively publish pre-answered questionnaires to multiple partners

Publish360 offers the ability to a publish completed questionnaires or other diligence content. The questionnaires can be unique to your company or standardized questionnaires (such as SIG, ILPA, AFME), or even questionnaires your partners sent you. This promotes a division of labor with the ability to assign internal subject matter experts and owners to their respective questions without the need for one person to compile multiple responses into a single document. You can even attach supporting files to a specific question or section within any questionnaire. If further clarification is needed, the inquiry and third party's collaborative response is automatically attached to the specific question.

CENTRL's self-publishing capabilities has many benefits. Most of all, it provides an efficient way for companies to pre-empt redundant diligence requests thus reducing the burden on internal groups while improving the quality and standardization of their responses. The net result is greater efficiency, faster responses to requests and better results in their diligence assessments.

Share due diligence files and documents with partners securely

Publish360 offers the ability to share documents in a single repository specifically designed for the diligence process. You create a more logical and organized approach to your diligence process including the ability to control who sees, modifies or shares any documents (or parts of a document), adding comments and collaborating on specific questions and keeping a complete in context, log of all interactions. With the platform, your process is simplified allowing you to easily manage multiple requests or responses through one interface designed specifically to enhance the diligence process.

In addition to providing the most advanced diligence platform, CENTRL will provide services to digitize your existing questionnaires and includes a library of industry standard templates. Once your content has been added, it's easy to control multiple responses with Publish360's complete suite of monitoring, reporting and analyzing tools.

CENTRL's ultimate goal is to remove the burden of managing the diligence process and allow you to spend more time analyzing and less time organizing. Let one of our diligence experts understand your needs and show you how to take advantage of new ways to improve your diligence process.

If your need involves requesting Due Diligence from third parties, Assess360 is designed specifically for this purpose.