Investment Due Diligence Solutions

The success of your portfolio depends on the strength of your investment due diligence. Every opportunity needs to be scrutinized. What looks promising on the surface can quickly unravel when you have a comprehensive and automated due diligence process. Unfortunately, some companies are still using less cohesive or manual due diligence processes hampering them and possibly missing lucrative opportunities.

Many companies still rely on emails and attachments of Word, Excel and PDF files to drive their investment due diligence process. This exposes the process to undo risk, lost time by using various formats, emails and shared documents sites causing an inordinate amount of time spent on the process and not the third party's data. The net result can be hasty decisions based on incomplete and inaccurate information. Furthermore, there's no process visibility from the investor or third party, which makes monitoring difficult and auditing even more time consuming. Extrapolate these inefficiencies across multiple investment opportunities and the process can become a distraction to the actual investment data. You may start cutting corners and potentially making mistakes just to minimize the investment due diligence process hassle.

Shift your focus from process to results: Automate your investment due diligence process with CENTRL's Assess360.

  • Reduce risk, increase control and gain 360-degree visibility.
  • Upload your questionnaire or choose from a template library (including ILPA questionnaire specific to investment due diligence).
  • Collaborate with internal and external experts in a central platform, negating the headaches of managing emails, attachments and version control.
  • Monitor the end-to-end lifecycle of investment due diligence through grading scales, process monitoring, audit trails, assigned tasks and extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Share Assess360 with your third parties (at no extra cost) using a common platform containing a common set of templates, questionnaires and documents.

See why CENTRL Assess360 makes sense for your investment due diligence process. If you request a demo, we can walk you through the platform and discuss specifically how it can solve some of your current due diligence challenges.