Hedge Fund Due Diligence Solutions

Firms have to address hedge fund due diligence from two different perspectives.
Each has its challenges.

  • Hedge Fund Managers : Hedge fund firms want to automate the due diligence process and eliminate the drudgery of firing emails back and forth with Word and Excel attachments. Hedge fund personnel and their potential business opportunity need a single platform to streamline the process and reduce the possibility of mistakes.
  • Investors : Investors often use different forms, emails and files. Dealing with individual investor processes can quickly lead to redundant and error-prone communications. Both parties need a way to automate the process to save time and accelerate hedge fund due diligence.

CENTRL's due diligence software solves both challenges. Gone are the days of ad-hoc due diligence methods using antiquated systems. Now, hedge fund due diligence can be done easier, faster and with fewer mistakes.

Hedge Fund and Investment Managers

For those hedge funds performing new investment due diligence, CENTRL's Assess360 offers an easy-to-use, affordable and automated due diligence solution. Now all of your investment data and documents are in one, easily accessible place. This innovative software automates the creation, editing, publication, answering, and evaluation of all answers. It lets you use your own hedge fund questionnaire and templates or choose from any of its library of questionnaires, checklists, and templates (including the ILPA questionnaire). Also included with Assess360 are grading scales, audit trails, wide array of reports, analytics and monitoring tools to show the status of your due diligence process at anytime. If a potential problem arises, it lets you easily identify, separate and manage the issue with your potential investment partner. The most unique aspect of Assess360 is that your hedge fund and the potential investment company can use the same CENTRL application. The result is one, cohesive set of documents (there is no cost for the third party's use) saving both you and your potential investment company time and money.


You can easily manage investor's hedge fund due diligence requests with CENTRL's Publish360. This affordable, intuitive due diligence solution manages the responses from multiple investors while maintaining a centralized directory for all outgoing documents. With the ability to auto-answer questionnaires, you eliminate errors with standardized answers.

By eliminating complicated Word and Excel-based due diligence processes, Publish360 customers benefit from significant time savings, reduced errors and an overall, better way to respond to questionnaires and assessments. Additionally, you can use Publish360 to proactively publish a standard pre-answered DDQ to your investors.

There is more information available on Assess360 and Publish360, or request a demo and see for yourself how CENTRL is revolutionizing the diligence process.