Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)

- GDPR Articles 12-22

The GDPR regulation requires companies to provide multiple rights for the data subject. It requires companies to provide a channel for the data subject to make a request and implement a workflow to fulfill the request in the stipulated amount of days. The complexity of the workflow depends on multiple factors such as type of request, location of data and the lawful basis for collecting and processing. Automation of workflows and intelligent lookup of the data inventory is needed to address the DSAR's at scale, while ensuring compliance.

Data Subject Access Right (DSAR)

Benefits of CENTRL's Privacy360 include:

Customizable request form tailored to your requirement

  • Data Request form can be modified, branded as per your need.
  • Easily embed the form on your website and start collecting requests.

Manage incoming request and workflow

  • Automatically assign incoming request to subject matter experts for resolution.
  • Manage due date, extensions per GDPR compliance.
  • Assign tasks to internal teams and third-parties where their attention is needed.
  • Integrate with internal ticketing and IT service desk tools.

Automate data inventory lookup and address incoming request

  • Lookup the integrated data inventory to find data store and system.
  • Trigger required actions within those different systems using APIs.

Manage internal collaboration and external communication in the tool

  • Collaborate with internal teams using comments, "@mentions" and tagging.
  • Send messages and updates to data subject from within application.
  • Maintain audit trail of all communication and actions.

Analytics and reports to track compliance and manage incoming requests

  • Aggregate data subject request on multiple dimensions: type of request, type of resolution, status, etc.
  • Manage aging and compliance of requests as per GDPR time.
  • Track exception or upcoming due date items on the dashboard so those items can be address promptly.

By using CENTRL's Privacy360, your organization can easily manage a multitude of templates, checklists and questionnaires while providing the control to monitor, evaluate and create audit reports allowing you to focus on the results instead of the process.

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