Data Mapping and Inventory

- GDPR Article 30: Records of processing activities

- GDPR Article 6: Lawfulness of Processing

EU's GDPR requires organizations to maintain accurate, complete and current records of their data processing activities. Furthermore, Article 30 (records of processing activities) requires that organizations make the records available to the supervisory authority on request. A comprehensive, centralized data inventory not only allows companies to be compliant with Article 30, but also serves as the backbone for a meaningful data privacy, data protection and data subject rights management program.

CENTRL's Privacy360 provides an automated and scalable solution to create, maintain, and manage the data inventory.

Data Mapping and Inventory

Benefits of CENTRL's Privacy360 include:

Automate Data Inventory

  • Publish pre-formatted questionnaires to internal and external parties.
  • Automatically harvest questionnaire responses to create a base-line data inventory.
  • Use API's to integrate with eDiscovery tools to get granular level data visibility.

Map GDPR related attributes for regulatory compliance

  • Easily map GDPR related attributes such as lawful basis, retention, and security controls.
  • Map attributes at the data category & data element level for completeness.

360-degree view of the processing activity

  • Get a view of all information related to the processing activity: third-parties, system and location of data.
  • Easily track the risk and risk related activities for each processing activity like DPIA's and issues.

Analytics and dashboard to slice and dice data in any dimension

  • Dashboards for 360 view by data subject, data element, system and third-party.
  • Analyze trends by all major attributes mapped to processing activities.

Data Mapping and Inventory

By using CENTRL's Privacy360, your organization can easily manage a multitude of templates, checklists and questionnaires while providing the control to monitor, evaluate and create audit reports allowing you to focus on the results instead of the process.

Read more about Privacy360, or request a demo of CENTRL's privacy solutions.