Client and Investor Reporting Solutions

Some companies still rely on email to distribute client and investor reports. Besides email's lack of security and inability to track who has or hasn't opened the document, email distribution is an archaic and monolithic process.

Today, companies want a secure, trackable and controlled way of delivering client and investor reports. CENTRL's Publish360 satisfies these needs with:

Security: Instead of sending a report via email, clients and investors access your reports through a secure cloud infrastructure. Now, you can publish a single report and have clients and investors easily access the report. Watermarks can be added to ensure your document is not reproduced and is authentic.

Trackability: You can easily monitor who has (and who hasn't) accessed your report or multiple reports.

Permissions: Allows you to control the viewing and distribution of your report. You can also restrict whether the report can be downloaded and control who sees your report both internally and externally.

Time sensitivity: Some firms may want to control the duration a document can be viewed. With Publish360, you can easily set a document's expiration date so the document is hidden after your specified date. You can even have different investor and client groups have different expiration dates for any of your reports.

Updates: Instead of sending updates and corrections via email, you can update just one document, thus negating the need to send report revisions.

Scalability: Can be used for small firms and large firms alike. You can easily create multiple groups of investors who may see different reports and adding new investors or group of investors is fast and easy.

Control: Analytics and monitoring capabilities to control your reporting process.

Take the opportunity to keep your reports secure and controlled. Learn more about Publish360, or request a demo and see for yourself how CENTRL can help you create a more secure, scalable and controlled client and investor reporting process.