WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Lessons Learned from Statements Submitted to the ABF's Online Register

Tips and take-aways from analyzing the Good and the Bad in the first batch of 250+ Statements submitted to the Australian Border Force's Online Register

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Keys to Evaluating Your Supplier Risks under Australia's Modern Slavery Act

Webinar on demand to help you ensure your company will be in compliance to Australia's Modern Slavery Act. In this webinar, you will learn how to build a sustainable foundation to identify modern slavery risks in your supply chain tiers.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Election 2020 - What the Passage of Prop 24 (CPRA) Means For You

What the passage of Prop 24 (CPRA) means for your CCPA Compliance program. We've convened this webinar to quickly walk you through just what it is, what it entails and what it means to you and your privacy compliance programs.

Privacy360 - Integrated Privacy Management Platform - Explainer Video

See how companies can leverage CENTRL's Privacy360 software platform to help operationalize their compliance across multiple privacy regulations.

Webinar On Demand: Privacy in a Box - Presented by: Grant Thornton & CENTRL

PIAB is an automated privacy management tool that combines Grant Thornton's privacy expertise with CENTRL's Privacy360 privacy management platform to manage your organization's privacy program.

MSA360 - Modern Slavery Act Compliance Platform - Explainer Video

Learn more about CENTRL’s Modern Slavery Act Compliance Platform. A one-stop solution for complying with the Modern Slavery Act. MSA360 provides the necessary policy and report templates, management dashboards, and fully automated capabilities for assessing and managing risks with internal operations and suppliers.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - What to do with high risk suppliers to comply with the Modern Slavery Act (MSA) - An MSA Case Study

Walk through of a hypothetical case study of how one company assessed and addressed its suppliers for modern slavery risks through the use of assessment questionnaires and how the company responded when the answers indicated there were modern slavery risks in their supply chain.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Operationalizing and Automating the Key Requirements under Australia's Modern Slavery Act (MSA)

Webinar on demand where you will learn the blueprint and foundations for building an MSA compliance program, how to quickly operationalize and automate it, and more.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Navigating the Key Issues and Compliance Requirements under Australia's Modern Slavery Act (MSA)

Webinar on demand to help you and your company quickly understand what it is, what's needed, and how to ensure your company is in compliance.

Due Diligence Reimagined - Webinar

Learn how Private Equity, Hedge Funds and Asset Management firms are optimizing their investment analysis with trackable and reportable due diligence processes.

New Era in Due Diligence - Webinar

Learn from Maura Harris, Head of Due Diligence at Bostwick Capital, who has successfully transformed her third-party relationships to achieve more insightful diligence outcomes.

Cyber360 Video Product Demonstration

Learn about Centrl's Cyber360 software platform to streamline and automate your cybersecurity risk assessments with customizable templates.

CENTRL Assess360 Product Demonstration

Learn how companies have leveraged CENTRL's Assess360 software platform to improve efficiency and turnaround time while offering new insights into their diligence data.

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