Operational Risk Management for Investments: A Guide

Learn how this guide unpacks the critical operational risks in the financial services industry and the role of ODD in ORM.

The Impact of Regulations on Investment Decisions in Operational Due Diligence

Learn how regulatory policies affect investment decisions in Operational Due Diligence and how they can help the financial services sector in the long run.

The Key Principles and Best Practices for Operational Risk Management

Read on to learn more about the best practices of Operational Risk Management, which may assist businesses in reducing and mitigating all risks to acceptable levels.

The Third-Party Risk Management Playbook

Read our guide to find out more about the most common third-party risks and the best practices for managing third-party risk.

How to Build a Better Vendor Risk Assessment: A Guide

Read our guide to learn how to improve the efficiency and the quality of your evaluation methodology.

Third-Party Risk Management for Financial Services: An Industry Guidebook

This financial industry guidebook are for businesses that offer financial services to maintain compliance with federal standards.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - How to Successfully Leverage Technology and Automation for ODD: A Case Study and Conversation with Practitioners

Learn the latest advancements helping companies scale ODD to all their investments, even with small teams.

ODD360 - Operational Due Diligence Platform Overview - Video

Learn about CENTRL's multi-party operational due diligence platform and how it can help Investors and Managers provide a superior Operational Due Diligence process experience.

Build vs. Buy Guide for Risk and Due Diligence Platforms

Here, we share the process we use to help clients determine whether they should build a risk and due diligence platform in house, or purchase software.

WHITEPAPER - How to Calculate the Business Value of Vendor Risk Management Software

This guide will help you determine your return on investment (ROI) when evaluating a vendor risk management or third-party risk management software.

The Complete Buyer's Guide for Operational Due Diligence (ODD) Software

This buyer's guide will teach you about operational due diligence software, its benefits, and key features, so you can choose the right software for your organization.

WHITEPAPER - Post-COVID Due Diligence: Recovering and Learning from Unprecedented Risk

Learn about the implications of COVID-19 on the bank network community and how it can recover from unprecedented risk events.

WHITEPAPER - Best Practices for Bank Network Management: Improving Efficiency and Risk Monitoring

This whitepaper draws on years of bank network management experience to share industry best practices.

WHITEPAPER - Automation: How to Scale Operational Due Diligence and Reduce Risk

This whitepaper analyzes how workflow automation bypasses the traditional requirements of legacy on-site ODD initiatives and empowers enterprise business efficiency.

WHITEPAPER - Looking to the Future of Operational Due Diligence: Technology Implementation

Download this whitepaper to learn how intensified digitization is transforming ODD and how new emerging technologies streamline end-to-end process management.

Buyer's Guide to a Third-Party Risk Management Solution

Read this buyers guide to formulate a better understanding of the third-party risk management solution marketplace and understand the unique requirements for your enterprise. View or download PDF.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Evolving Third-Party Data Breach Landscape

Find out how the third-party data breach landscape changes and what techniques malicious actors use to steal data. Learn how you can protect your data with vendor risk management software.

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 ways Vendor360 can help you assess and mitigate third-party risks

Vendor360 is an advanced and flexible third-party risk management platform that streamlines and simplifies your vendor risk management process.

Third-Party Risk Management Challenges Facing Your Enterprise: How Automation Mitigates Vendor Risk and Empowers Business Efficiency White Paper

Read our white paper to learn how automation mitigates vendor risk and empowers business efficiency.

WHITEPAPER - Operationalize CCPA Compliance

Read our white paper to learn how you can prepare for and maintain compliance with CCPA.

INFOGRAPHIC - How your peers are saving 50% of time spent on ODD processes

With ODD360 — a SaaS solution built by industry experts — firms are boosting their operational efficiency and saving time spent on manual processes.

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