More Privacy Pyramids to Climb - Egypt Adopts Personal Data Protection Law

The pyramids in Egypt were built with smooth and angled sides to symbolize the rays of the sun. The sun light is shining today on a more recent development in Egypt.

3 Tips for Working with Your Suppliers to Operationalize Australia’s Modern Slavery Act

3 Tips for Working with Your Suppliers to Operationalize Australia’s Modern Slavery Act. Most companies with national or global supply chains have implemented some form of vendor risk management program.

Ask CENTRL: Does my business need to provide a CCPA policy and notices in languages other than English?

Every business subject to the CCPA must have a privacy policy that provides consumers with a comprehensive description of the following the business’s online and offline practices.

You’ve Got Mail

California Attorney General Begins Enforcement of CCPA - Notices of Noncompliance Sent to “Swath” of Companies on July 1, 2020

Documenting CCPA Compliance

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) permits the Attorney General (AG) to begin enforcement six months after publication of the final regulations or July 1, 2020, whichever is sooner. The July 1st date won that statutory race.

Possible Extension of CCPA Exemptions for B2B and Employee Data

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was amended in 2019 to add two exemptions, one for certain personal information (PI) collected from consumers in business to business (B2B) transactions...

How to Respond to Consumer Requests to "Delete My Data"

Many businesses subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) had hoped that final regulations would be in place before the July 1st enforcement date of the CCPA.

Lights, Camera, Action! - California Attorney General Releases Proposed Final CCPA Regulations

There has been no lack of drama with the CCPA - from its introduction and swift passage by the state legislature in 2018 to the California Privacy Rights Act.

Top 4 Questions on the Reasonable Data Security Requirements under New York's SHIELD Act

SHIELD Act amended NY's existing data breach notification law by expanding the definitions of private information and breach of the security of the system.

Privacy in Paradise

The Data Protection Act, 2020 (DPA) was approved by the House of Representatives (Lower House of the Jamaican Parliament) on May 19, 2020.

Last Minute Move in Thailand

Effective Date of Thailand's Personal Data Protection Act has been Moved to May 2021. A Royal Decree to postpone enforcement of the substantive provisions of Thailand's PDPA by one year was approved by the Cabinet of Thailand.

Webinar - May 20, 2020 - Data Privacy Laws: is Your Business Ready to Comply?

Register for FIS' Webinar on Wednesday, May 20 at 10 AM PDT, featuring CENTRL's CEO Sanjeev Dheer & CPO Elena Lovoy

Taking the CCPA to Court

Class Action Complaint Alleges Social Networking App's Privacy Practices Violated CCPA. CCPA permits the California AG to recover a civil penalty of up to $2,500 per violation of the CCPA in enforcement actions.

California AG Reminds Consumers of Their CCPA Rights

The California Attorney General released an alert on April 10, 2020 to remind consumers of their privacy rights and provide information on how consumers can stay secure during the current pandemic.

The Sticky "Do Not Sell My Data" Opt Out Election

As companies continue to fine tune their California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance programs, the California legislature continues to look at ways to fine tune the CCPA.

How to Calculate Your Potential Financial Exposure for CCPA Violations

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was enacted in June 2018 and effective on January 1, 2020. Although enforcement by the California Attorney General (AG).

Primer on Thailand's Personal Data Protection Act

In May 2019, Thailand joined the growing list of countries adopting a comprehensive privacy law. Below is a summary of the background and key components of this new law.

PrivacyOC 2020 - SoCal's Premier Privacy Event

At Privacy OC, you will learn about all key aspects of the data privacy ecosystem, ranging from data governance and management to regulatory compliance and consumer rights. Learn about best practices from the front lines of data privacy.

CCPA Amendments - What Happens Next?

Here is a quick snapshot of California Consumer Privacy Act related amendments, what you need to know, and how they can potentially impact your business. There is light at the end of the CCPA tunnel!

Countdown to CCPA: Part 3

The California Consumer Privacy Act requires you to inform your employees who handle consumer rights requests and inquiries about your privacy practices and how consumers may exercise their rights.

Countdown to CCPA: Part 2

The California Consumer Privacy Act requires you to exercise control and oversight over third party use of personal data. This post is the second of three articles to help you assess your compliance progress.

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