Due diligence using Word or Excel questionnaires, email or generic file sharing applications can be time consuming and inefficient for you and your third parties/vendors. Beyond the complexity of organizing the totality of diligence documents, it's difficult to compare one entity's diligence with another and even harder to monitor each entity's progress or run analytics and reports. In today's competitive and resource constrained environment, companies can't use yesterday's technology on today's market.

CENTRL helps companies become more competitive in their diligence process by offering a software platform specifically designed to improve efficiency, turnaround time and insight while reducing errors.

Digitization of the End-to-End-Diligence-Process

Automate the Due Diligence Process

  • Work in one central repository for all diligence content - questionnaires, assessments and documents.
  • Use your own due diligence questionnaire or take advantage of Assess360's standard, industry templates (including ILPA & AIMA).
  • Easily create document requests corresponding to specific questions within a questionnaire.
  • Divide questionnaires into sections or questions and send those specific questions to different experts for their response. Answers are automatically aggregated without the need for version control.
  • Quickly monitor the progress of any assessment, questionnaire or all company responses.
  • Access a complete tool set for reports, analysis and investment comparisons.
Provide Partners with a Robust Application to Respond

Provide Third Parties with a Robust Application to Respond

  • Assess360 is a single application for all parties (responders use Assess360 at no cost) making the process more efficient for you and your third parties.
  • Third parties can assign different sections to different groups with complete approval workflows.
  • Partners can collaborate internally and with you. They can easily attach documents and track their progress.
Evaluate and Grade Partner Responses

Streamline Your Partner Response Evaluations

  • Create your own grading scale and weights to evaluate a DDQ question or section.
  • Assign sections or questions to internal teams for their evaluation.
  • Review all DDQ documents and responses in one central place.
  • Automate evaluation of answers to reduce the chance of errors. Assess360 can flag nonresponses or if the answer is beyond your criteria.
  • Send clarifications/follow up questions directly on the shared questionnaire.
  • Keep a complete record of all communications in case of a dispute.
Internal Control

Internal Control, Collaboration & Visibility

  • Complete control over who sees specific content via roles and permissions.
  • Internal (and external) collaboration at the questionnaire, question and document levels.
  • Comprehensive metrics and reporting on partner performance.
  • Assess360 collaboration capabilities negate the need for emails and other communication methods.
Manage Issues and Track Remediations

Manage Issues and Track Remediation

  • Identify, create and resolve issues at the question or section level.
  • Capture all important details about an issue, including issue severity, resolution recommendation, issue status, etc.
  • Collaborate with third parties and request updates on specific issues.
  • Track issue resolution progress.
  • Route updated issue progress to relevant internal users.
Deep Analytics of Questionnaires

Deep Analytics

  • Compare third parties at the company, questionnaire, section or granular question level.
  • Complete analytics functionality using a myriad of criteria.

Automate Your Due Diligence

Automate Your Due Diligence