There is an increasing need to automate the Operational Due Diligence process to drive greater efficiency, reduce costs and increase the quality of assessments. Current manual and fragmented processes are highly inefficient for Investors and Managers.

CENTRL's ODD360 is the most advanced platform for automating the operational due diligence process for Investors and Managers. Additionally it can be extended to enable vendor and regulatory compliance - providing a single platform for all your risk, compliance and operational needs.

Digitization of the End-to-End-Diligence-Process

Automate end-to-end ODD process

  • Use standard templates from AIMA, ILPA, SIG and others.
  • Digitize your proprietary questionnaires.
  • Schedule upcoming assessments & automate publishing.
  • Customize and Automate scoring of Assessments.
  • Preconfigured workflows for delegating assignments across employees.
  • Automate multi-party verification.
Provide Partners with a Robust Application to Respond

Centralize Manager Data, documents, Assessments, Issues & Communications

  • Automatically populate manager database and slice and dice by various attributes.
  • Get 360 view of manager across documents, assessments, issues and communications.
  • Maintain full audit trail and control access.
Evaluate and Grade Partner Responses

Extract Data From Assessments For Analysis & Reporting

  • Extract & normalize unstructured data from Assessments into clear structural data to run reports and detailed analyses.
  • Run benchmarks across all managers at detailed level.
  • Produce a fully customizable final report including extracts from Assessments & Issues.
Internal Control

Issue Tracking & Remediation

  • Create Issues from assessment responses at the question level.
  • Segment issues by severity, status and recommendations.
  • Create action plans and manage progress from start to finish.
  • Share and collaborate with managers on Issue Resolution.
Manage Issues and Track Remediations

Dynamic Dashboards & Detailed Analytics

  • Create custom dashboards to view assessment status, results and manager performance.
  • Run cross-manager reports and time-series analyses.
  • Drill down to manager and fund level to understand risk and exceptions.
  • Track issue resolution progress.
  • Route updated issue progress to relevant internal users.
Reports and Analytics

Provide Complete Platform to Managers to Respond & Manage ODD Process

  • Managers get full assignment workflow to their internal employees to facilitate responding.
  • Managers can publish their own pre-filled standard & proprietary questionnaires.
  • Managers can publish ongoing reports and compliance documents with complete control.
Manage Issues and Track Remediations

Extend Platform To Add Vendor and Privacy Compliance Modules

  • Use platform for vendor risk assessments.
  • Add Privacy modules to manage compliance with GDPR & California Consumer Privacy Act.

Automate Your Operational Due Diligence