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Pioneering a new and innovative way of performing diligence, vendor management, auditing and reporting, CENTRL provides a unique platform shared by you and your third party. Eliminate the inefficiencies of emails, disparate formats and unruly tracking and reporting mechanisms with a truly revolutionary new process.
SIG Lite Risk Assessment


We hear the same thing from most of our customers, their diligence process was manual and painful. But when they moved to the CENTRL diligence platform, they spend more time on their diligence results and less time on the process. By using Assess360, companies and their third parties leverage the same platform, negating the need for a process consisting of multiple emails and attachments. What process do you want to improve? Learn how CENTRL can help with relieving your pain.

SIG Lite Risk Assessment


Companies are inundated with hundreds of due diligence requests from their partners and clients. These requests are generally similar data and documents. But companies waste a lot of time and resources in responding individually to the requests. CENTRL's Publish360 provides flexible workflows and single file repository for companies to proactively share documents and send answered questionnaires to their partners.

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For many companies, managing third-party risk means dealing with manual and highly inefficient processes or using complex legacy GRC systems.

CENTRL offers a comprehensive vendor risk management platform providing end-to-end risk management for all stages of the vendor lifecycle. It includes intuitive workflows to automate third-party information gathering and streamlines evaluation management and issue resolution. CENTRL offers several distinctive features that set it apart: complete collaboration capability including internal and external collaboration, a single document repository for all vendor documents, deep search and granular analytics. CENTRL Vendor360 enhances efficiency through automation and provides greater control and visibility to the organization. Features include:

  1. Comprehensive platform for monitoring, assessing, identifying and mitigating risks at all stages of the vendor lifecycle, from initial assessment to termination.
  2. Auto-scoring and full grading module.
  3. Automated workflow to respond to questionnaires, give clarifications and provide updates.
  4. Full issues module to manage issues from creation to remediation.
  5. An extensive library of industry-specific content (e.g. SIG Questionnaires).
  6. Advanced analytics and cross-vendor comparisons.
  7. Deep search and AI for better decision making.

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For many companies, the increased demand for IT audits has become a time-consuming and burdensome process. To further complicate the matter, the level of detail, frequency and the multiple teams involved have all grown to levels where mistakes are more likely to occur.

CENTRL's platform transforms older processes with an innovative, end-to-end automated solution for requesting, and responding, tracking requests, and keeping all communications in context while providing a high level of organizational visibility and control. With CENTRL, you share the same platform with your internal and external providers, dramatically reducing the time spent managing the process while increasing time spent focusing on vendor issues, anomalies and reports.

Using the CENTRL platform, financial institutions, technology companies and compliance consultants benefit from:

  1. Increased accuracy of their audit responses and audits.
  2. Significant time and resource efficiencies. Some CENTRL clients have reported 30-40% savings across the entire audit lifecycle of creation, evidence collection and responses, clarifications, evaluations, findings, reporting and post audit issues management.
  3. Ability to reapply common evidence requests and answers across different audits.
  4. Easier connections of audit requirements to control or focus areas.
  5. Better management control and understanding of the statuses, reporting, findings and issues.

Other CENTRL audit capabilities include:

  • Compliance Audits
  • Security Audits
  • Internal Audits

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Automate your due diligence, assessment and audit process. Automate the creation, distribution, response, scoring and remediation steps in a beautifully designed application.

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Digitize your response to diligence. Publish documents, reports and metrics to partners efficiently and securely. Digitize incoming questionnaires and self-publish pre-filled assessments.

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Automate vendor assessments and audits and monitor on-going performance. Evaluate risk of critical vendors, aggregate and analyze SLA metrics and track issues.

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