Privacy360 is an integrated Privacy Program Management platform, purpose-built to help companies achieve compliance with multiple privacy regulations. The platform comes in two editions: GDPR Edition and CCPA Edition. Privacy360 consists of several core modules that are highly flexible and can be configured to specific privacy regulations or be used to comply with multiple regulatory requirements. Privacy is a rapidly evolving field and Privacy360 is designed to keep its users at the forefront of these changes.

Digitization of the End-to-End-Diligence-Process

Data Mapping & Data Inventory

  • Automated solution for mapping privacy data and input/output flows for all types of privacy regulations.
  • Harvest questionnaire responses to automatically populate data inventory or use data discovery tools to get granular data elements.
  • Consolidated view of all processing activities, including the list of processors, sub processors, and data locations.
  • View reports by data subjects and other attributes including cross-border transfers.
Provide Partners with a Robust Application to Respond

Readiness and Impact Assessments

  • Conduct risk and readiness assessments to determine the handling of personal data.
  • Evaluate responses, segment processes, and entities into tiers based on risk.
  • Select high-risk processes and entities for Privacy Risk Assessments (PIA) and Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA).
  • Conduct privacy audits and assessments on internal departments or external third parties.
  • Track progress of each assessment and monitor associated risk in different risk categories.
Evaluate and Grade Partner Responses

Risk and Issue Mitigation

  • Identify and raise visibility of issues from each privacy assessment as well as third party or partner engagement.
  • Collaborate with internal groups and third parties; request updates on issue remediation.
  • Capture important details about specific issue severity, resolution recommendations, and issue status.
  • Create action plans and manage progress from start to completion.
Deep Analytics of Questionnaires

Reporting and Analytics

  • Comprehensive data mapping reports by data subject, processing activity, and other attributes.
  • Track risk, status, and progress for each processing activity with the ability to drill down to the details of each process.
  • Advanced search to quickly and easily find relevant items.
  • Leverage portfolio-level dashboard and reports to highlight risks and exceptions.
Deep Analytics of Questionnaires

Data Subject Access Requests

  • Adopt a streamlined data subject rights management process with intelligent templates and simple user-friendly design.
  • Manage request due dates and extensions per the regulation - GDPR, CCPA or others.
  • Link to your data inventory to track down data, and quickly collaborate with data process owners.
  • Embed branded request forms on your website, or inside of your product.
  • Gain visibility into your workflows, and reveal patterns in requests with standardized reports.

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