With the growing cost of privacy non-compliance, Privacy officers need an efficient process for running privacy audits to measure compliance and residual risk. The challenge, as with most audits, is to execute the process efficiently with minimal burden on the Privacy Office and the Business Units. This challenge is greatest for global organizations with multiple business units and intersecting geography & product lines.

CENTRL's Privacy Assurance Solution is the most advanced software solution for automating the Privacy Assurance process. Through deep automation, intuitive design, standard templates and workflow configuration, the Privacy Assurance solution reduces audit time and effort for the Privacy Office and business units by over 60%, while providing more granular risk metrics, analytics and current oversight of status of outstanding issues.

Automate End-to-End Privacy Assurance & Risk Management Process

  • Create Privacy Assurance Assessments using standard controls frameworks from CENTRL library or upload proprietary templates.
  • Publish to internal business units and tag Assessments by products or other attributes.
  • Customize scoring framework and automate risk scoring by multiple criteria such as control area, business unit, products etc.
  • Complete workflows for internal delegation, clarifications and follow-ups in the application.
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Intuitive Module For Internal Business Units To Respond

  • Very intuitive and efficient process for internal business groups to respond to Assurance Assessments.
  • Respondents see last-year's answers and only respond to what has changed.
  • Upload documents and respond to clarifications within application.
  • Respondents can delegate within their organizations for ease of answering.
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Continuous Monitoring & Risk Profiling

  • Set up cadence of on-going monitoring or schedule by risk rules configured in application.
  • Pre-populate with last year's answers so business units only respond to what has changed.
  • Automate evaluation process - only focus on exceptions.
  • View compliance & risk on continuous basis.
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Issue Tracking & Remediation

  • Identify and segment issues and gaps for each assessment.
  • Track issues by control area, domain, severity, business unit or other criteria.
  • Publish issues to internal business units and interact with them on remediation updates.
  • Collaborate internally within Privacy Assurance team.
  • Create action plans and manage issues from start to finish.
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Dynamic Risk Dashboards & Analytics

  • Create risk scorecards by business unit, products or geographies or other attributes.
  • Segment dashboards for business units to help them manage their internal risks.
  • View automatic benchmark reports across the organization.
  • Track and manage the execution of the audit process through operational dashboards.
  • Dashboards offer drill down and powerful filtering capabilities.
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