Manage and track issues from creation to remediation

A comprehensive third-party risk management process involves identifying and mitigating issues. Issues or gaps can be found through audits, assessments or monitoring processes. In some cases, public news or events may provide a reason to record an issue. Remediating issues in a timely manner is important to mitigate risks. Most organizations though have no defined processes to document or remediate issues. This increases exposure and risks in the vendor management program.

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CENTRL's Vendor360 can help manage vendor issues from creation to remediation. It includes intuitive workflows to assign issues to owners, collaborate with vendors and track completions.

  • Identify and create issues: Issues can be tied to vendor assessment questions or can be standalone
  • Capture important details about specific issue severity, resolution recommendations, and issue status
  • Route issues and their related updates to relevant internal users within the organization
  • Collaborate with vendors and request updates on issue remediation

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