Cybersecurity Assessments

Growing cyber threats and regulations are increasing the pressure on companies to automate their cyber assessment processes and improve quality. Current manual spreadsheet driven processes are too slow and do not provide the analytical insights required. CENTRL's Cyber360 product automates the end-to-end risk assessment process, and provides auditors, IT departments, and consultants with the analytics, dashboards, and insights to monitor risks and address gaps.


Benefits of CENTRL's Cyber360 include:

Single platform for automating all types of IT and cyber assessments

  • Single platform for automating all types of assessments - from initial readiness to self-assessments and on-site audits. Eliminates need for multiple point solutions.

Use standard assessment templates or upload proprietary ones

  • Select from library of industry standard templates.
  • Templates include NIST, CIS Top 20 controls, and others.
  • Upload your templates and customize with easy-to-use options.

Automate the full assessment process

  • Schedule assessments - including recurring - with automated publishing capability.
  • Attach evidence requests by control or question.
  • Automate grading with custom grading scales.
  • Full assignment workflows.
  • Manage clarifications in application.


Provide IT departments with automated tool to respond to assessments

  • Give IT departments tool to respond to assessments.
  • Respondents get full internal assignment workflow.
  • Detailed analytics dashboards and consolidated reporting.

Track Issues and manage process to remediation

  • Identify and segment issues and gaps linked to assessments.
  • Document issue severity, status and recommendations.
  • Publish issues to IT department.
  • Manage process to resolution.

Centralize all documents, assessments and issues

  • Centralize, filter and search documents, assessments and issues
  • Collaborate within your company, and with external parties.
  • Maintain full audit trail, and control access.

Reporting and analytics

  • Dashboards and reports to highlight risks and exceptions.
  • Drill down to control risk level.
  • Run comparison and detailed time-series analyses.

By using CENTRL's Cyber360, your organization can easily perform due diligence on new partners, vendors and third-parties.

Contact sales to discuss how CENTRL's Cyber360 can help your organization, or learn more about CENTRL's due diligence solutions.