Assess360 is a software platform for automating the inter-company due diligence process across multiple use cases. Conducting due diligence using Excel questionnaires and emails is inefficient and sub-optimal. Assess360 is by far the most advanced platform of its kind. With its highly intuitive user design, the Assess360 platform is built upon a few core principles - to automate the end-to-end diligence process for both sender and recipient, centralize all activities, documents, questionnaires and issues in one place and extract deep insights from detailed analytics. Assess360 consists of multiple modules that are highly configurable for specific use cases and can be easily integrated with internal systems.

Automate End-to-End Assessment Process

  • Upload proprietary questionnaire or use standard templates from library and customize.
  • Schedule questionnaires and automatically publish to partners.
  • Automate grading with proprietary scale.
  • Full assignment workflows for evaluation.
  • Conduct clarifications in the application.
Digitization of the End-to-End-Diligence-Process

Provide Third Parties with a Robust Application to Respond

  • Assess360 is a single application for all parties (responders use Assess360 at no cost) making the process more efficient for you and your third parties.
  • Third parties can assign different sections to different groups with complete approval workflows.
  • Third parties can collaborate internally and with you. They can easily attach documents and track their progress.
Provide Partners with a Robust Application to Respond

Automate Questionnaire Evaluation

  • Customize grading scale and framework.
  • Auto-grade incoming questionnaires.
  • Assign sections and questions internally to SMEs.
  • Auto-filter exceptions for quick evaluation.
  • Configure analytical dashboards as per your needs.
  • Review "what has changed" reports.
Evaluate and Grade Partner Responses

Centralize, Collaborate and Control

  • Centralize all documents, questionnaires, issues in one place.
  • Get 360 view at partner level.
  • Internal and external collaboration at all levels.
  • Gain control through granular roles and permissions.
Internal Control

Manage Issues and Track Remediation

  • Identify, create and resolve issues at the question or section level.
  • Capture all important details about an issue, including issue severity, resolution recommendation, issue status, etc.
  • Collaborate with third parties and request updates on specific issues.
  • Track issue resolution progress.
  • Route updated issue progress to relevant internal users.
Manage Issues and Track Remediations

Reports and Analytics

  • Use flexible reporting tool for standard and proprietary reports.
  • See analytics at section, questionnaire and partner level.
  • Run cross-partner comparisons
  • Run time series analyses to see what has changed
  • Automate formal summary reports customized with your branding and format
Reports and Analytics

Automate Your Due Diligence